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Improve your endurance with dietary supplements

The degree to which your body can delay fatigue and the speed at which it recovers determine your endurance. Do you often practice endurance sports and would you like to improve your endurance and recovery? Then the Sanas dietary supplements are the perfect complement to your diet. Moreover, they avoid muscle spasms during the training.

Benefits of Sanas

Our dietary supplements contain a higher concentration of magnesium, beta-alanine and BCAAs. Athletes who slowly recover, who follow a strict training schedule or who regularly suffer from magnesium deficiency will benefit from our supplements. Take a look at our vitamin supplements, too, for a healthy lifestyle.

Dosage forms

Our dietary supplements to improve endurance are available in liquids and in capsules. Discover our complete offer online and pick the product that complements your training schedule or diet best.

Find a dealer in your neighbourhood and experience the effects of our products personally.