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Energy supplements

Optimum physical & intellectual efforts

Our body converts nutrients into energy, which we need for physical as well as intellectual efforts. The Sanas products supplement your energy reserves in time and optimise the energy consumption of your body.

Why Sanas?

The Sanas energy supplements replenish your body’s fuel during physical and mental efforts, thus weariness will occur less frequently. If you are spent, the energy supplements will boost you to keep going.

The Sanas products are developed by scientists and produced in-house by skilled pharmacists. Moreover, they contain a higher dosage than other sport supplements, making them more effective. Our supplements are e.g. isotonic sports drinks, contain fast and slow carbohydrates and extracts of adaptogenic herbs. In short, everything you need during physical or mental efforts.

When to take?

The Sanas energy supplements can be taken by everyone who wants to maintain his or her energy level while practicing sports or by those who want to concentrate optimally. In case of depletion of your glycogen stores and physical & mental fatigue, too, our products are the perfect solution.

Our products are available in capsules, powder and liquids, so you can choose your preferred dosage form for each effort. Moreover, you can combine all our energy supplements to create an optimum energy level.

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