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Vitamin supplements: bloom with health

A healthy diet combined with vitamin supplements allow you to keep your best shape all year long and to cope with even the most busy times.

Balanced diet

Haste makes waste. As we are always in a hurry these days, we often don’t take the effort to eat healthily and well-balanced. The consequence? A vitamin and mineral deficiency. The Sanas vitamin and mineral supplements are the perfect solution to counterbalance this deficiency.

No stress

When your body has to cope with e.g. physical exertion or when you are under great pressure or stress, your body needs even more essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals. The Sanas vitamin supplements are everything you need to function optimally in every circumstance. They contribute to optimal body processes, increasing your immunity and completing deficiencies.

Our offer

All our supplements contain high concentrations of vitamins and minerals. Sanas offers multi preparations as well as individual formulas, allowing you to make up your own programme.

Do you have any questions about our products? Do not hesitate to contact us, we are happy to give you some more information. Does your energy level need a boost, too? Then check out our dietary supplements for more energy.