Beetroot for athletes: everything you need to know

07 - 03 - 2018

You hate it or you love it: beetroot. But it is already well known among athletes. In this post you wil read why you should definitely consider it. Even if you do not like beetroot, because we have the solution for that!

Recently you can find a beetroot concentrate in the already extensive SANAS range. Beet Fuel is a 50 ml shot made from beetroot and spinach concentrates. Both vegetables are naturally rich in nitrates. A 50 ml bottle contains no less than 395 mg of pure nitrate. Perfectly suited to support you at the beginning of the season and to quickly achieve peak performance!

But nitrates were bad for you, no?

A few years ago, it was indeed said not to eat too many nitrate-rich vegetables (such as spinach, rocket, endive, beetroot, celery, ...). Meanwhile this info is outdated. It has been concluded that it is unlikely that the intake of nitrate from vegetables will lead to health risks. Regarding beetroot juice it still remains valid that is advised not to drink it daily in a high dose. Not a lot of us would daily drink a whole bottle of beetroot juice, but you never know...

What makes beetroot interesting for (endurance) athletes?

Beetroot is rich in nitrates. Nitrate gives a boost to (enduro-) sports performance, is good for heart and blood vessels and improves mental focus and alertness. It has antihypertensive properties and is rich in vitamin C, folic acid, iron, fiber, betaline and manganese. But you would have to drink a lot of common beetroot juice if you also want to experience the positive effects. Not everyone can handle this; that is why we have developed a small 50 ml shot that tastes good too!

How does it work?

Nitrate is converted into nitrite in the body, which is further converted into nitric oxide (NO). This molecule causes blood vessel dilation and therefore more blood flow to the muscles. More blood and therefore oxygen makes the production of energy by the mitochondria easier. Studies have shown that beetroot gives natural energy for better sports performance. It can postpone the acidification of the muscle because of the higher supply of blood and oxygen. The endurance also improves by taking beetroot juice: oxygen is used more efficiently, so that athletes have more strength, can continue for longer and move more efficiently.

What should I pay attention for when I consider beetroot products?

For all beetroot products applies: take them as a cure, prior to your peak period. 5 to 7 days in advance is perfect.
A liquid has more effect than a capsule. This is because of the bacteria in your mouth. They contribute to the conversion of nitrate into nitrite. Do not swallow your Beet Fuel immediately, but let it roll through your mouth for a while. The best result is achieved when you take one last shot 3 hours before the start.
Do you suffer from low blood pressure? Then Beet Fuel is less suitable for you. A slight hypotensive effect can occur.

How is Beet Fuel different?

There are a lot of beetroot supplements on the market. Beet Fuel is the first product in which, besides beetroot, spinach is added. Because Beet Fuel is highly concentrated, a cure of 5 to 7 days in which you take 1 bottle of 50 ml daily is already sufficient. Moreover, Beet Fuel is standardized. This means that each bottle contains the same amount of nitrate. Our red beets have grown in the very best conditions ... You can not always say this from common beetroot: the season, weather conditions and soil conditions provide varying values.
For those who are less fond of the taste of beetroot: Beet Fuel has a fresh apple flavour. You still taste the aroma of the beetroot but it is less 'sticky' and just fresher in your mouth. With Beet Fuel, drinking beetroot  juice became a lot easier!
The riders of Lotto Soudal have tested several versions of this beautiful product; so it certainly can keep the Sanas-honor high: performance enhancing, mild for stomach and intestines, natural and delicious!

In short, with Beet Fuel you get the benefits of beetroot without having to suffer from the disadvantages. Worth considering!