Quickly lose some weight?

02 - 02 - 2018

Many amongst you are busy with the preparation of the new cycling and running season. Maybe there is still a little belly, not very convenient during your training. What can you do about it?

Here you can read our tips to lose some weight quickly:

1. Set yourself a goal

It is very important that you start motivatedly if you want to lose weight: plan the tours and competitions you are going to do this spring. Even better: make appointments with your training buddy and you are even more motivated. Because you have to start the season in shape of course!

2. Eat smarter

You want to lose weight, and preferably as quick as possible. You have to make sure that you take in fewer calories than you burn, simple right? Just eat less food. But maybe it's even better not to eat less but to eat smarter? A crash diet is often doomed to fail; hunger is hard to resist and those kilos are often returned once you switch back to your old diet. So think about whether you might better change your regular diet? Take the time for a protein-rich breakfast (a delicious omelette for example) but leave out the carbohydrates completely (bread, pasta, alcohol, chips) for a while, they'll only feed your desire in sweets. Fill more than half of your plate with vegetables for diner and limit yourself to 1 piece of fruit a day. Drink plenty of water, (green) herbal tea and eat a healthy and protein rich snack every 2 hours. Like this, you don't have to be afraid of hunger. This ensures a stable blood sugar level so a binge eating session doesn't get a chance.

A new diet requires discipline, but if you really go for it, you will certainly see results and actually lose weight! Not enough time to have a proper breakfast in the morning? Then choose a quick protein shake with Super Protein 95 with no less than 93% high quality proteins. You'll have all the vitamins you need for a good start of the day and it is completely free of added carbohydrates. Super Protein 95 is not only a meal replacement, it also helps you to maintain your muscle mass and prevents that nasty hunger feeling. Drink plenty of water, not only because it fills your stomach. It also ensures that your body stays hydrated and can quickly and easily dispose of its waste products.

3. Start with strength sports

You can strengthen your weight loss efforts by making your body burn energy faster. A great way to do this is to create more muscles mass (source). Muscle mass accelerates your metabolism because muscles consume more energy than body fat (source). You burn more calories, just because of the extra muscle! So you will have to work with those weights if you want to reach your goal quickly. It is good to know that strength training also ensures that your muscle mass is not reduced by losing weight. Because the last thing you want is less power in your body! We can further help you with Fat Burner Liquid, which you use in combination with your strength efforts and adjusted diet. This product stimulates fat burning and helps to increase the metabolism. 

4. Take high-quality proteins

Proteins are important for efficient muscle building, but also for a good metabolism.It is important you get enough proteins to burn that belly fat. Proteins make an essential contribution to the structure and integrity of just about every part of the body, helping to burn fat more efficiently and thus promoting weight loss (source). Drink a protein shake after exercise, such as Super Protein 95. Do you suffer from lactose intolerance? Then take the 100% Egg Protein. Both are delicious in taste and structure and require only water and a shaker.

5. Think about MCT oil

There are different opinions on coconut oil. Because coconut fat is made up of healthy, medium-chain fatty acid chains (MCTs), it would have a beneficial effect on weight loss. The best natural source of MCT fatty acids is coconut oil but it is also rich in saturated fats. That is why Sanas MCT Oil, with only the MCTs and not the saturated fats, is an excellent alternative. MCT oil, like proteins and carbohydrates, gives energy. The difference lies in the amount of energy that is supplied: MCT delivers 9 kcal per gram and proteins and carbohydrates deliver 4 kcal per gram. In addition, the body can not store the MCT fatty acids as body fat. An estra advantage!

With this approach you will soon be in shape again. Good luck with achieving those goals!