Training during winter vs during summer

04 - 12 - 2017

The days are getting shorter, the temperature does not go far above 0 °C anymore, winter is coming. Nevertheless, it is also important to continue training during these cold months. The intensity of the training is often lower than during spring / summer, but our body also needs extra energy:

Body temperature

  • The body wants to stay at a constant temperature of 37 °C. Our body will use energy to maintain that temperature. You can help your body by dressing warm (wear an extra layer, build-up multiple layers, protect your hands, feet and head). Do not stand still, but keep on moving in order not to cool down!

Energy and carbohydrates

  • Your body need carbohydrates to keep "the engine" running. If you train at lower intensity, your energy needs are somewhat lower. But for other sports such as mountain biking, cyclocross, cross-country running, ... the energy demand remains high. Don't forget to eat during performance remains the message. Fruit Bar stays easy to eat even at very low temperatures.

Moisture loss

  • A combination of dry, cold air outside and sweating causes a lot of moisture loss. A lot of water is also lost through our breathing. In addition, the cold will suppress your feeling of thirst. That is why it is really important to keep drinking enough during winter. For efforts longer than 1 to 1,5 hours, an isotonic drink like Isomix is ​​definitely recommended. In addition, adding Isomix to your water will keep bottle from freezing!


  • After training you can recover faster by using a recovery drink such as Carbomix. You can also drink it warm, which will be nicer after exercising in low temperatures. For example, add some Carbomix in slightly warmed milk or water (not above 60 °C,  otherwise the protein will fall apart)

Winter is an ideal time to test new products, so you do not have to do it during the crucial competition time!

The best of luck with our tips! It's the most wonderful time of the year, right?

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