• HMB 500

HMB 500

HMB 500
HMB 500 (N/A, Pot van 60 capsules)

(ß-Hydroxy ß-methyl butyrate monohydrate) is a degradation product of proteins containing leucine. HMB occurs naturally low in nutrition and is quite popular in strength sports. HMB is present in low levels in foods like grapefruit and alfalfa. Higher doses can only be achieved through supplementation.

Athletics, Ball sports, Cycling, Running
Other nutrients
Container with 60 capsules, Container with 180 capsules
  • created by Belgian pharmacists
  • Partner of Lotto-Soudal
  • 30 years of sport experience
  • 1 to 6 capsules a day

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  • beta-hydroxy beta-methylbutyrate monohydrate (HMB), gelatine, bulking agent (maltodextrine), pyridoxineHCl