Athletics consists of 24 Olympic parts. These are the jumping, throwing and running events. The combined track and field events are also part of athletics. Depending on which number you prefer propagates you're more focused on strength or endurance. Combined track and field athletes show overlapping profiles.


For endurance athletes (long-track events), it is crucial to get enough energy and fluid during exercise. Absorption of this energy can be done in the form of gels and bars. Our energy bars can be eaten easily, they are certainly not chewy and taste above all delicious too! Sanas Energy Gel should be taken with a few sips of water to guarantee sufficient uptake.

The proper liquid balance in your body can be maintained by an isotonic sports drink. Here, the composition is of great importance. These have to be stressfull as little as possible for the stomach and intestines. Artificial sweeteners, colors, strong aromas and food acids are usually the culprits here. Fortunately, you do not see these in Isomix, our isotonic thirst quencher.

In preparing the force numbers, the main focus is on muscle construction and repair. Here, the right carbohydrates and proteins are of great importance. Creatine in short exertion numbers provide that little bit more and an advantage over competitors. Make sure to take a look at our Power category.