Do you play in teams or 1 against 1: ball games usually take short intense exertions with the need to recuperate as quickly as possible every time to get ready for the next attack.

That explosiveness demands a lot of the body, both in strength and in endurance. When you work out in the summer at higher temperatures, you can quickly lose a lot of liquid. Rehydration is a must. A good isotonic drink is crucial here!

Ball sports

Creatine can give you that little bit extra to be faster in the last few meters than your opponent. It gives you a clear boost in short, intense efforts. There are the wildest stories about creatine. But we can reassure you: creatine is 100% safe. You have to know a few things that you can find here.

You need to think of your recovery as soon as possible after your efforts. This allows you to avoid many problems. Cramps and muscle pain belong to the past when you choose the right recovery drink. It contains 70% carbohydrates and 30% protein and is consumed as soon as possible after the effort (within 30 minutes). The carbohydrates to give the body the signal to start up the muscle recovery where the proteins are used as building blocks. An alternative to a recovery drink can be a protein bar. Easy to carry and delicious too !!