Running is the ideal sport to improve both your stamina and your fitness without large investments. With a good pair of running shoes you have all you really need. It is a sport that can be practised by everyone. You do not need a membership to a sports club because you can do it anywhere and it's free. Running alone can sometimes be boring, so it is not a bad idea to find a running partner. In this way you can motivate each other by running together and you become fitter and healthier.


For running times less than the hour, you do not actually have to drink. The body has sufficient reserves and can continue safely on them for a while/ Are you going to run longer or are you even thinking of a marathon, rehydration becomes very important. Choosing a good isotonic drink is crucial. Bright coloring, artificial sweeteners, strong aromas and citric acid for flavor, these are all things present in most commercial thirst quenchers. These cause upset stomachs, indigestion and even diarrhea for many of us. A correct formula with only the bare necessities makes a world of difference. Isomix has the right formula that already has proven its services for several top athletes.

After running you need to think of your muscle recovery as quickly as possible. Nocturnal cramps and muscle aches are a thing of the past when you choose the right recovery drink. It contains 70% carbohydrates and 30% protein and is consumed as soon as possible after the effort (within 30 minutes). The carbohydrates give the body the signal to start up the muscle recovery where the proteins are used as building blocks. An alternative to a recovery drink can be a protein bar. Easy to carry and delicious too !!