As your is expressed by your muscles, they play the biggest role in all strength sports. Weight lifting, powerlifting, kettlebell, rowing, fitness or bodybuilding, the focus is largely on training to maximize your muscle strength. Since your muscles are made up of amino acids, peptides and proteins, these are very important in these sport. Quality plays a huge role here. Unfortunately, there are products on the market of dubious quality with - what appears - very interesting prices. But as usual it's a matter of pennywise, pound-foolish. You wouldn't build your house with inferior materials, would you? All protein formulas from Sanas contain only high quality caseinates, whey protein concentrates and chicken egg albumins. Only by our own production, years of expertise and selection of reliable suppliers we can continue to guarantee our superior quality. Try it, you will soon notice the difference!

Strenght Sport

In addition to an adequate daily intake of protein, there are other nutrients that can help to maximize muscle growth. Creatine is one of the best known. We only work with Creapur, a creatine monohydrate of the highest quality produced in Germany. The alternative forms of creatine overwhelm the market nowadays. These have, however, been demonstrated by various medical studies, the same functionality as the monohydrate version. Moreover, they usually are more expensive. We know what we would choose ...

The Sanas range includes many individual formulas. These are amino acids and other nutrients that are packaged in capsules in their pure form. This allows you to take higher doses of these amino acids and really observe their effects, or create a custom program, whether or not in consultation with your coach. No "mega-cocktails" in our range, they often contain a whole range of raw materials but only very low doses so their effects are negligible. Definitely try HMB, a metabolite of L-leucine. Or L-Tyrosine, the precursor of dopamine (happiness hormone).