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Weight loss

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Healthy weight loss by taking dietary supplements

Do you want to reduce the numbers on the balance? A healthy and balanced diet, practicing sports and the Sanas dietary supplements are the perfect combination to help control your weight.

Why Sanas?

Everyone who focuses on body weight control or fat burning will find something to suit his or her taste among our extensive offer of dietary supplements. Our products help you to reduce your appetite and to control your body weight and body fat percentage. This way, you will find and maintain a healthy body weight and be ready for top-notch performances.

For whom?

The Sanas dietary supplements are suitable for professional as well as recreational athletes. They are available in several dosage forms and contain L-carnitine and lipotropic agents. Sanas also offers vitamin supplements for a healthy lifestyle.    

Do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions. We are happy to help you make well-considered decisions. Are you convinced of the benefits of our weight loss products? Find out where you can buy them in your neighbourhood.