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Sustainability Mindset

A Sustainable Mindset

The sustainability mindset is a lens through which we analyse and interpret information and make decisions. The social and economic impact is considered alongside the environmental burden in every decision.



All our packaging is evolving towards monomaterials. A monomaterial is a material that consists of only one type of fibre. Both the packaging and the labels consist of the same type of plastic. This is the only way to guarantee the complete recycling of our products.

White packaging Sustainability

White packaging

We opt 100% for white packaging. Black packaging has very limited recycling possibilities, so here too we put the sustainability of our planet first.

Vegan Oatmeal Bar

Vegan range extension

Several bars and powders were brought up to vegan standards. This ensures that products that were not accessible to athletes with lactose intolerance are now accessible to them. SANAS also becomes more accessible to a growing group of vegan athletes. This choice again ensures that the burden on the environment is further reduced.


Scoops no longer standard in the packaging

With a critical eye, we also looked at the many measuring spoons that were distributed each year. We found that many of our consumers ordered their isomix, carbomix etc. several times a year and therefore also had many measuring spoons in the same format. A measuring spoon is still added to your order free of charge. However, we count on a self-critical attitude from our athletes: do I need this measuring spoon or do I already have one of this size at home? Together we will save thousands of kilos of plastic!