• L-Arginine 1000

L-Arginine 1000

L-Arginine 1000
L-Arginine 1000 (N/A, Pot van 60 capsules)

L-Arginine can be considered as semi-essential amino acid for the human being. In the urea-cycle, it is responsible for the production of nitric oxide (NO) and the synthesis of creatine. Nitric oxide is a natural vasodilator. All tissues have a better circulation and therefore, for example, more oxygen in the muscles.

Athletics, Ball sports, Cycling, Running
Amino acids
Container with 60 capsules, Container with 180 capsules
  • created by Belgian pharmacists
  • Partner of Lotto-Soudal
  • 30 years of sport experience
  • up to 3 capsules a day, on an empty stomach

  • L-arginine, gelatine, anti-caking agent (magnesium salts of fatty acids)