• Oat & Whey

Oat & Whey

Oat & Whey
Oat & Whey (Chocolate, Zak van 1kg)

OAT & WHEY is the perfect start of the day. The oatmeal flour in the formula delivers a slow digesting source of carbohydrates, which results in a long-term energy with no insulin peaks. The whey protein is easy to digest and is the ideal quick protein source to provide you with all the amino acids you need.

Athletics, Ball sports, Cycling, Running
Chocolate, Vanilla
  • created by Belgian pharmacists
  • Partner of Lotto-Soudal
  • 30 years of sport experience
  • Normally 3 heaping scoops of OAT & WHEY (ca. 50 g) are dissolved in 250 mL milk or water. According to need different portions of 50g can be devided during the day (normally 2 = 100 g).

  • oatmeal flour, whey protein, aroma, thickener (guar gum-cellulose gum), sodium chlorid, sweetener (sucralose), magnesium carbonate, L-ascorbic acid, ferrous fumarate, tocopheryl acetate 50%, niacinamide, biotine 2%, calcium pantothenate, pyridoxineHCl, thiamin nitrate, riboflavin, folic acid, cyanocobalamin