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Crucial sports nutrition for a cyclist


Proactively maintaining health

Sports nutrition is much more than gels, recovery shakes, and water bottles packed with energy. The first factor in performing well is staying healthy. The wide SANAS assortment will help you do just that.


Cartiplus is a collagen shot that maintains the health of your skin, bones, and tendons. Some riders use this shot only after they are already injured, but the smartest athletes use it proactively during intense training blocks. One shot every day and you get a healthy serving of collagen and vitamin C.


Vitamin supplements are best taken only on the recommendation of your doctor. Do you notice after checking the blood levels that you lack certain vitamins? Then rely on SANAS!

A very interesting supplement is Immunoplus. It boosts your immunity, perfect for traveling athletes!

Start a race perfectly prepared

Training is not the only tool for an athlete to prepare his body to the maximum. SANAS has several supplements that a cyclist can use to optimize his body.

Beet Fuel

Boost the oxygen delivery of your muscles with this beet juice concentrate. The taste is softer thanks to the combination of apple and spinach. The nitrates in this shot convert in your body to nitric oxide. Your blood vessels dilate, and oxygen throughout the body is better transported.


Explosiveness is an important factor for sprinters. Creatine helps your muscles with extra energy during the first seconds of an explosive effort. Use this product under the guidance of a sports doctor.


Beta-Alanine buffers your muscles so that lactic acid builds up less quickly. These capsules are a very interesting product for endurance athletes.

During sports

Of course, SANAS has Energy Gels, 2:1 ratio Endurance Bars, and Isomix isotonic sports drinks. These are products that numerous brands have. However, SANAS stands out with the content of these products.

We focus on the essence of each product. Isomix and Energy Gels should quickly provide energy. Therefore, we do not add unnecessary ingredients, such as flavor enhancers, citric acid, or dyes. These will only burden the stomach unnecessarily, which is very detrimental on intense days.

It doesn't stop there. Discover the following unique SANAS products and perform outstandingly during every workout.


During the final of a race, extra energy and concentration is a welcome bonus. Guaranol is a caffeine shot that eliminates the annoying side effects of coffee (nervousness, stomach strain).

One ampoule gives you a boost of more than two hours. Take it before finals and activate rocket mode!


Races like Strade Bianche are known for their extra-long finals. The top riders dare to open early. Eating a bar or taking a gel sometimes gets overlooked. Your concentration is 100% on the race and the challenging road surface.

During those races, Alphamax is the perfect solution. This sports drink contains 90gr of carbohydrates per 500ml bottle. So this bottle becomes your single point of nutrition during the most stressful period in racing.


Magnekal is an anti-cramp shot. Your body absorbs this unique liquid rapidly. Do you feel a cramp coming? Drink Magnekal and beat it.

Nitro Fuel

Nitro Fuel is a pre-workout for athletes who need a strong boost for an hour and a half. Cyclists often use it before prologues, time trials, or during finals.

Twenty minutes after drinking, you feel the boost of Nitro Fuel. Your muscles receive more oxygen and cramp less quickly, and the caffeine boosts your concentration. Body parts like your fingertips or the tip of your nose start to tingle. That's that mental click. Your body is ready to fly.


Many SANAS products are modified so that vegan athletes can enjoy our products as well.

After the ride

Training or racing? In both cases, how you help your body recover is crucial. Without proper recovery, your body won't be ready for the next workout or challenge.


After a demanding workout, it's crucial to help your muscles recover thanks to quality protein, but did you know that your body also needs energy to repair your muscles?

Carbomix has a 70% carbohydrate/30% protein blend. This shake provides your body with energy and protein, an ideal start to your recovery.

Super Protein 95

Recover even at night! These casein proteins recover your muscles for about 6h. Drink in the evening, and support your body at night.